With 2011 ending and 2012 being an election year I thought these would be appropriate

Top 5 Albums of the Year

As 2011 ends, I would like to look back at my favorite albums of the past year. This was a great year for many breakout artists, but especially for Tyler, the Creator and OFWGKTA. We had a new Roots album, new Yeezy with Jay, breakthrough for J Cole, Kendrick Lamar. Lots of new artists this year, and so I'm looking forward to what's ahead in 2012.

5. Das Racist - Relax

This is a pretty controversial pick, as most people I know loved their mixtapes and hated their debut album, Relax. However, the production value is through the roof with songs such as "Relax", "Girl", and "Power." Das Racist could have easily created an album as easy to listen to as their mixes "Sit Down" and "Shut Up". Instead, they decided not to give a crap about anyone, and created an album that goes hard and all over it place. It's crazy, it's random, and it's hysterical. For all the flak they receive about being Joke Rap, they sure sound serious about their rap future. After all, they can't always keep singing about Taco Bell and Pizza Hut, can they?

4. Tyler, the Creator - Goblin

There's a reason why "Yonkers" has 30+ million views on Youtube in just 10 months alone. Okay, besides from the fact that it's psychotic, and weird (honestly, did you NOT think it was weird the first time?), it is also the perfect video to introduce the internet world to the twenty year old artist from Los Angeles. The album is mostly disturbing and dark, as Tyler constantly clashes with his inner thoughts and alter-ego's throughout the album. Now, this definitely isn't an album for the weak, as Tyler often has sick fantasies of rape, murder, Satanism, etc, but it is all fiction and just random thoughts in his mind (he even lets out a disclaimer in "Radicals"). In reality, Tyler is just a strange, rebellious, but perfectly normal dude who just wishes to hang out with his true friends more, watch Adventure Time, and even fall in love with the girl he can never have ("Her", which shows Tyler at his most vulnerable state). What ever could be wrong with that?

3. The Roots - Undun
Def Jam

Undun is a concept album centering around the life of fictional character Redford Stevens who ends up living a life of crime due to societies' inequalities. The entire album is reverse chronological so Redford meets his untimely end right away. It's a deeply engaging album, and at 38 minutes, is an album that is hard to take in, but can be easily repeated many times. Standouts include the single "Make My", which has BIG KRIT and Black Thought exchanging verses about the end of Redford's life, and the glorious 4-piece orchestral movement with Sufjan Stevens (folk, indie) starting it off, which makes for an amazing breathtaking end (or beginning?) to the album.

2. Phonte - Charity Starts At Home
Foreign Exchange Music

I'll admit I never listened to Phonte's stuff before his solo album, but I might have to after listening to "Charity Starts At Home." Standouts for me were "Not Here Anymore", which has Phonte bragging that he's still relevant in the game today, and that people miss him since he's not here anymore (he quit his group "Little Brother" which I will admit, I need to listen to afterwards). "The Good Fight" discusses what it takes to survive financially and has one of the realest lines depicting the current music industry: Go and live out your dreams that's what they telling / Fam in my ear and they all yelling / Keep it real Te and don't ever sell out / But how the f*ck you sell out when ain't nobody selling? "Charity" doesn't bring anything new to the plate, but it doesn't need to. Masterfully produced, perfectly sampled, and lyrically witty, this is one underrated album.

1. Kendrick Lamar - Section.80
Top Dawg Entertainment

This album is seriously good. Once opener "F*ck your Ethnicity" dropped the beat, I was hooked. It's difficult to speak about so many issues in a solo debut album, but Kendrick pulls it off flawlessly. Issues dealing with racism, state of our medicated youth, 80s crack babies, Ronald Reagan Era, Hiiipower movement (Along the lines of "Thug Life"), vices, evils, and relationships, are just some of the topics presented throughout the album. But it's the message in second-to-last closer "Ab-Soul's Outro" that really hits home. He says, So the next time I talk about money, hoes, clothes, god, history all in the same sentence / just know I meant it, and you felt it / because you too are searching for answers. I'll be sure to keep that in mind.

Honorable Mentions include: Shabazz Palaces - Black Up, Action Bronson - Dr. Lecter, A$AP Rocky - LiveLoveA$AP, Lil' B - I'm Gay (I'm Happy), Jay-Z/Kanye West - Watch the Throne, Cities Aviv - Digital Lows, Danny Brown - XXX

So any thoughts on your albums of the year? Willing to share? Leave a comment.

Happy New Year btw!


Madlib, stones throw producer extraordinaire, recently had a show down in LA which was part of a three show series he launched a few months ago. Though the flyer stated that J Rocc, yet another producer extraordinaire, was not going to be performing at the LA show, he was in fact there. To my surprise J Rocc can hold his own even when he is just opening up for Madlib. Some of the stuff he played, including old Beat Junkies stuff, was some of the craziest I have ever heard.  J Rocc who is credited with founding the Beat Junkies has a style unique to himself, which, I think, show in some of the stuff that Beat Junkies came out with years ago. After some searching I was able to get a hold of their first albums, The World Famous Beat Junkies Vol. 1 & 2 and I wasn't disappointed. 

Personally I think both albums have a sound that was a bit ahead of their time considering they came out in the mid to late 90s. The Beat Junkies crew incorporated crazy samples with instrumentals of their own and came up with a unique sound. After their initial success, they continued to make music as a group though as time passed most of the members went on to do both individual projects and some even matched up with other groups including The Visionaries and Dilated Peoples. If you're looking for some hard hitting instrumentals I would recomend you check out Beat Junkies first two volumes and even their other albums. From what I've read J Rocc is currently working on his own album so be sure to check back for that soon. Hope everyone had a Merry X mas and have a great new year. 

Beat Junkies - The Session ; World Famous Beat Junkies Vol 1 

Beat Junkies - The Visionaries ; World Famous Beat Junkies Vol 2

New York

New York's new generation has evolved from previous generations, pretty exciting.

Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire! Some NY hype! Huzzah video is explicit, beware!

Action Bronson is that dude!

Smoke Dza w/ an ASAP feature!

There's still a lot of people out there but these people stick out to me. Comment for any disagreements.

Echoes Of Silence


I know Slim Dunkin is not a mainstream, well known, hip hop artist, but respects need to be paid to this Brick Squad Monopoly member. He was Waka Flocka's right hand. Even though people do no take Flocka's & the rest of BSM seriously, these are also people who have souls and have love for one another. Take the time to see from their perspective and how big it is to lose a brother.

check it


It's taking a while, but I am a gradually getting away from the trauma bestowed upon me by what is simply called Finals, so to cheer up I had tried to get back on the hippity hop. I know I may just be catching up with a lot of you, but I finally got the chance to watch Tribe's documentary. For the most part the documentary is used as an answer to a lot of the questions the members of the group are asked by friends, family, and fans.
Questions such as:
  • Will there be more Tribe shows?
  • Will A Tribe Called Quest ever be back?
  • Can there be another expected album?
  • What caused the group to break apart?
  • Why did Q-Tip go solo?
  • Is everyone in the group still friends?
The film works around every member of the group bringing about each members perspective, opinions, and story shifting between Q-Tip, Phife, Ali Shaheed, and Jarobi. Alongside the group members, several other artists come in to speak on their views of matters and Tribe's significant role in hip-hop.
In all the documentary works to tie up any loose ends that Wikipedia doesn't fulfill along with showing the information coming unfiltered straight from the sources themselves.
I recommend watching it if you haven't done so already and especially if you want to see the rise and ultimately falling out of what was and is one of the greatest musical groups of all time.


It's real Drake & it's gross.

Ghostface Killah

AKA "Thor Molecules aka Phantom Raviolis the panty melter aka Galaxy Knuckles aka the Hands of Zeus otherwise known as the high n exalted Cocaine Biceps n the mighty inventor of slaps nahmean."

One of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan, is one of the hip-hop connoisseur who knows hip-hop from the 80's even to today's Drake, who he hates. His blog is always a great read, and you may visit it here.

Ghostface is found being interviewed by the also legendary Nardwuar, one of the greatest interviewers next to Diane Sawyer.

Learn something from this old head & go download Ironman & Supreme Clientele.


Juicy J & Busta Rhymes. I'm sure those names ring some bells. Barney Stimson would consider them legend.... dary. But why are they signing to these new labels? Juicy J is now of Taylor Gang & Busta Rhymes joined YMCMB. Trying to stay relevant? It's kind of like MJ coming back to play for the Wizards. (MJ is still the greatest don't get me wrong) Just retire and keep that reputation you built! They have been both working with the new young talent.

Download one of Juicy J's new mixtapes, Blue Dream & Lean here.

He has features with of course his label mate Wiz, Kreayshawn, ASAP Rocky, Spaceghostpurrp, 2 Chainz, Casey Veggies, and of course Lex Luger on some tracks.

We trippy mane!


is Tyga's signature grunt. Tyga of YMCMB & Last Kings is the buzz lately. If I was a DJ at a club, his discography is all I would play. Cause it is all about club bangers & Rack City Bitch, right?

Download his new mixtape #BitchimtheShit here. His album, Careless World is due January 24.


[ #NP ]

A glance at some of the songs on my current Hip Hop playlist for Winter Break! Give these songs a quick listen if you've never heard of them!
All My Time -Lauryn Hill

Purple Crustation -J Dilla

They Reminisce Over You -Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth

Us Placers -Lupe, Kanye & Pharrell

Party of Two -Blu

Steady -Cyne

At the Helm -Hieroglyphics

We Major -Kanye West

Party & Bullsh*t -Notorious BIG

Back in the Day -Ahmad

10 Thanx Fux

Ive been in america for 4 months now. I love it. First time i lived in another country away from my own, yet i felt at home, with a lot more excitement...and asians. Headed back home in 2 days and as you can imagine im excited for that. But im even more excited about coming back here after the winter break and keepin this shit rollin - hopefully with a new mixtape under my arm.
Before i left everyone kept telling me how funny would it be if i came back from america being overweight. I see why they say it, but wont happen. However my itunes cant fit into its jeans no more. Here goes 10 of the phat ass tracks & tapes ive been bumpin while i was here and that i cannot wait to show to the people back in Spain.
Therefore thanx fux for the HHC. See you on the other side. Bitchez.

Ol School Lives On.


XXL Freshman 2012 List LEAK!

Looks like XXL's annual "freshman" list has leaked, and for another year, the list bears some questionable choices to hip hop heads. Don't get me wrong, I listen to some these artists daily, but these dudes are FARRR from Freshman. Maybe I should rephrase that: "IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME!" Last year's HIP HOP CONGRESS URBAN ARTS FESTS HEADLINER Dom Kennedy should have been on this list last year. Wait, should have been on the list TWO years ago! Same with Chip, XV, and the Kid Daytona. As usual XXL had to throw some wack artists on there... (sigh, smh). When will XXL learn? Kreyshawn and Future? C'mon now. I can name 10 artists that are more deserving!

Aside from that, the list does mention a nice core of up and comers with big co-signs. Singer/Rapper Gerard Walker of Wiz Khalifa's Taylor Gang, Singer/Rapper Tory Lanez out of Toronto who Drake calls "his little brother," Stalley of Rick Ross' MMG, Say It Ain't Tone aka Big Sean's hype man, and Danny Goines who had his mixtape sponsored by Rocawear. Along side them are Midwest representers Rocky Fresh, Neak, and Marvo (Chicago), Streetz-n-Young Dueces (Milwaukee), Jon Connor (Michigan), and rounding out the list is Cali representer Moe Green (Vallejo/Bay Area).

I'm not too high on this list. I really feel like a lot of GREAT artists were left out AGAIN. These lists seem to get worse every year. Maybe it's time for me to send in an application to XXL Magazine..

Who do y'all think should have made the list this year? COMMENT!

'Chill' Music

Here's some relaxing songs to get you through finals!

Elroy of Axum

Yo here's something smooth for all y'all out there. A brand new song by an emerging artist that goes by the name Elroy of Axum. Though its not Hip Hop, its influenced. In short, Elroy describes himself as "a non traditional Hip Hop producer/Soul/Rock/Blues/Whatever the fuck else I'm feelin." I'm diggin this cats style, you remember I posted another one of his songs on the Artists of the Week: UC Irvine Hip Hop posts. Give the song a listen. Fans of real instruments should appreciate this, and the vocals are on point too.

The Day

Elroy Of Axum(producer/guitar/mpk/song writer) & Ricardo Sparks(singer)
Featuring Venus Green(background vocals), Phil Harris(background vocals/chorus bass), J.Riff(chorus solo guitar), and Colby Abbot(saxaphone)

Fan page: