DMX's face says it all. #XXLfail

Hood Bitch (Gita) - Hood Rich

Something weave all been waiting for, we just didn't know about it, the trillness jumps to the opposite sex...heres Oakland native- NYC bred Gita & her 'Hood Rich', once again credit for this discovery goes to the almighty Ms. Panda Fresh & her Bad Bitch Wednesdays on Sneaker not to sway, i dare you.

Knots Uncooked

Nottz Raw (bad title pun, got it), to me, seems to be an underrated producer. I have never heard anyone around me talk about him or mention him, but I think he deserves some recognition. I mean, he has been in the music scene since the late 90's. He has produced for many rappers: Busta, Snoop, G-Unit peoples, The Game, the Cons, and Murs just to name a few. Maybe it's just me who doesn't give him enough credit but I finally got to listen to his 2010 album, You Need This Music, in its entirety and I have to say the production is on point. It gives me what I love most, SOUL BEATS. He's not the greatest rapper, and I don't expect him to be, but I like it. Pretty much every song has a feature and you can even find some beats that are reminiscent of Jay Dilla (I Still Love You is the same sample as Dilla's U-Love). If you listen to his lyrics he actually mentions Dilla a lot, so there's an obvious connection (they knew each other) and respect for him. Anyways, enough of my rant, here are a couple of track I like from the album.

This is actually the original version, if you listen to the album version the lyrics are a bit different.

He also released an EP with Asher Roth called Rawth for free. Google it and give it a listen. Nottz's "You Need This Music" is available for stream on spotify if you guys want to give it a listen.

Cole World No Snuggie!

To celebrate his 2 millionth follower, J. Cole blesses us with a crazy soul-sampled track produced by Canei Finch, sampling former Temptation David Ruffin’s 1969 record “The Double Cross.” This is the type of Cole I wanted to hear on his debut album, but regardless, I'm looking forward to Cole year in 2012!

“It’s only right I brought back the soul/ Ya’ll got way too electro, damn near techno/ Halfway homo, way too metro"

Upcoming Festivals

Aside from Dom Kennedy performing at the Observatory on the 18th of April, 2 big dates, are coming up...
Damn i need to start saving up.

Young Fathers??

Thank you theneedledrop as this group is a beast! I honestly don't know what to call it...African experimental electronic jungle beat hip-hop?? I really don't know. But it is refreshing and something very strange...I also can't stop listening.

Free mixtape here.

DMC, and I Ain't Running

DMC World DJ Championships is a world DJing competition (like the name didn't give it away) that started in 1985. DMC stands for Disco Mix Club, which was the original event organizers. Long sponsored by Technics, the winners would win a pair of golden 1200s and the SH-EX mixer. Around the end of 2010, Technics stopped producing turntables, so Rane / Serato took over as the main sponsor and allowed the use of serato for the competitions, which was until then purely analog and vinyl only. With the change of sponsors and end production of Technics turntables (which is why they are a lot more expensive new now), Rane gives the winner a cash prize and a golden Rane mixer. So who has participated in these competitions up until now? Dj Q-Bert along with MixMaster Mike has won twice (1992,93), DJ Cash Money has won once(1988), and DJ Craze has won a consecutive 3 times (98-00). DJ Craze has set the record for 3 wins and no one has beat it in the World DJ Champion division. As I forgot to mention, but should be apparent from the listed DJ's, DMC isn't much of a mixing competition, but more of a scratching / making weird noises competition. It didn't start so, but it ended as so. If you want a better history visit the DMC Site.

My favorite routine is from DJ Kentaro (02 Champ):

Here's DJ Craze's first win (98):

Who is Grande Marshall?

Grande Marshall - Robert Earl

Not much internet coverage on this dude cause he is slowly coming up as we speak. He's from Philly & he is an example of that new hip hop style; Trill + Wavy = Trillwave.

There aren't too many tracks out by him and his mixtape "800" is long overdue. Once that tape is out, watch him rise & remember where you first heard him, HHCatUCI.
For now, check his Bandcamp here.

- Godfrey Clyde Axium Gozos.

Happy Birthday J-Dilla

Couldn't skip a chance like this to post only SOME of the soul this man left behind.
Never will there be another.
RIP Jay Dee.


Never enough of this guy.

NYC Kids

West coast is in charge now, no doubt, however NYC is starting to finally get the light it deserves in the new school with people like ASAP Rocky, Smoke DZA, Action Bronson, etc, but theyre not the only ones around. Here go a couple names that might pop out of the east in the near future...

Perth Represent!

In the city of Perth (look at the picture), population of about 1.47 million people, including me since I had to do the census when I studied abroad there last semester. With that many people you'd think that you would be able to find at least 10 people at a University to form a club around Hip Hop, but you can't. I'm not saying that Perth hates hip hop, just the University that I went to. But I digress, Perth holds many rap oriented concerts, with rap battles every month (but a ridiculous entrance fee), concerts from local rappers, concerts with rappers from America about every two months (still regret missing Wu Tang), and big all day concert events every so often. I personally only met a handful of people that openly listened to hip hop. One guy told me it was due to it being only a fad in Perth and it's not something you can club to, which made perfect sense.

Anyways, I honestly can't listen to Australian rap. I can't get over the accent. It's like how I don't like listening to Eminem because I don't like his v Don't get me wrong though, he kills it on the mic, but given the choice I don't listen to him. But I will still present to you guys, Australian Battle Rap. I mean, making fun of people is universal right? Actually, that's wrong. I can only understand so much when they start busting out British / Australian slang. You'll see what I mean when you peep the video down on the bottom.

If you want to check out more hip hop from Perth check out