It's taking a while, but I am a gradually getting away from the trauma bestowed upon me by what is simply called Finals, so to cheer up I had tried to get back on the hippity hop. I know I may just be catching up with a lot of you, but I finally got the chance to watch Tribe's documentary. For the most part the documentary is used as an answer to a lot of the questions the members of the group are asked by friends, family, and fans.
Questions such as:
  • Will there be more Tribe shows?
  • Will A Tribe Called Quest ever be back?
  • Can there be another expected album?
  • What caused the group to break apart?
  • Why did Q-Tip go solo?
  • Is everyone in the group still friends?
The film works around every member of the group bringing about each members perspective, opinions, and story shifting between Q-Tip, Phife, Ali Shaheed, and Jarobi. Alongside the group members, several other artists come in to speak on their views of matters and Tribe's significant role in hip-hop.
In all the documentary works to tie up any loose ends that Wikipedia doesn't fulfill along with showing the information coming unfiltered straight from the sources themselves.
I recommend watching it if you haven't done so already and especially if you want to see the rise and ultimately falling out of what was and is one of the greatest musical groups of all time.


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