XXL Freshman 2012 List LEAK!

Looks like XXL's annual "freshman" list has leaked, and for another year, the list bears some questionable choices to hip hop heads. Don't get me wrong, I listen to some these artists daily, but these dudes are FARRR from Freshman. Maybe I should rephrase that: "IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME!" Last year's HIP HOP CONGRESS URBAN ARTS FESTS HEADLINER Dom Kennedy should have been on this list last year. Wait, should have been on the list TWO years ago! Same with Chip, XV, and the Kid Daytona. As usual XXL had to throw some wack artists on there... (sigh, smh). When will XXL learn? Kreyshawn and Future? C'mon now. I can name 10 artists that are more deserving!

Aside from that, the list does mention a nice core of up and comers with big co-signs. Singer/Rapper Gerard Walker of Wiz Khalifa's Taylor Gang, Singer/Rapper Tory Lanez out of Toronto who Drake calls "his little brother," Stalley of Rick Ross' MMG, Say It Ain't Tone aka Big Sean's hype man, and Danny Goines who had his mixtape sponsored by Rocawear. Along side them are Midwest representers Rocky Fresh, Neak, and Marvo (Chicago), Streetz-n-Young Dueces (Milwaukee), Jon Connor (Michigan), and rounding out the list is Cali representer Moe Green (Vallejo/Bay Area).

I'm not too high on this list. I really feel like a lot of GREAT artists were left out AGAIN. These lists seem to get worse every year. Maybe it's time for me to send in an application to XXL Magazine..

Who do y'all think should have made the list this year? COMMENT!


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Bad list. alot of these shouldnt be called freshman. Keep XV. Needs Chiddy Bang too!

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