10 Thanx Fux

Ive been in america for 4 months now. I love it. First time i lived in another country away from my own, yet i felt at home, with a lot more excitement...and asians. Headed back home in 2 days and as you can imagine im excited for that. But im even more excited about coming back here after the winter break and keepin this shit rollin - hopefully with a new mixtape under my arm.
Before i left everyone kept telling me how funny would it be if i came back from america being overweight. I see why they say it, but wont happen. However my itunes cant fit into its jeans no more. Here goes 10 of the phat ass tracks & tapes ive been bumpin while i was here and that i cannot wait to show to the people back in Spain.
Therefore thanx fux for the HHC. See you on the other side. Bitchez.

Ol School Lives On.



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