Madlib, stones throw producer extraordinaire, recently had a show down in LA which was part of a three show series he launched a few months ago. Though the flyer stated that J Rocc, yet another producer extraordinaire, was not going to be performing at the LA show, he was in fact there. To my surprise J Rocc can hold his own even when he is just opening up for Madlib. Some of the stuff he played, including old Beat Junkies stuff, was some of the craziest I have ever heard.  J Rocc who is credited with founding the Beat Junkies has a style unique to himself, which, I think, show in some of the stuff that Beat Junkies came out with years ago. After some searching I was able to get a hold of their first albums, The World Famous Beat Junkies Vol. 1 & 2 and I wasn't disappointed. 

Personally I think both albums have a sound that was a bit ahead of their time considering they came out in the mid to late 90s. The Beat Junkies crew incorporated crazy samples with instrumentals of their own and came up with a unique sound. After their initial success, they continued to make music as a group though as time passed most of the members went on to do both individual projects and some even matched up with other groups including The Visionaries and Dilated Peoples. If you're looking for some hard hitting instrumentals I would recomend you check out Beat Junkies first two volumes and even their other albums. From what I've read J Rocc is currently working on his own album so be sure to check back for that soon. Hope everyone had a Merry X mas and have a great new year. 

Beat Junkies - The Session ; World Famous Beat Junkies Vol 1 

Beat Junkies - The Visionaries ; World Famous Beat Junkies Vol 2


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