The Luther Burger

In commemoration of Hip Hop Congress selling Krispy Kreme, I present the "Luther Burger". For those of you who watch The Boondocks, yes, this is the burger Grandad made for his restaurant. It consists of a 4lb burger, grilled onions, cheese and 5 pieces of bacon, all put between two Krispy Kreme donuts. According to Grandad, it was supposed to have been invented by "Mr. Luther Vandross" himself.

To relate this to hip-hop though, the opening of the Boondocks is by Asheru.

Google him for more songs.


Tell me you have Schoolboy Q's tape Habits & Contradictions already.
Download it here if not.

Here's a track featuring A$AP Rocky.
Hands on the Wheel - ScHoolboy Q ft. A$AP Rocky

Oh, & some new A$AP visuals for his track "Wassup".
Wassup - A$AP Rocky

Chief Keep just got outta jail & is on house arrest; watch his buzz grow from here.
3HUNNA - Chief Keef

Oh yeah, the basedgod himself has remixed one of Chief's tracks so you know it's real.
Bang Remix - Chief Keef ft. Lil B the Based God

Pusha T goes in on Common's Sweet. They both hate Drake by the way.

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Club Paradise Tour @ UC Davis

When will UCI learn? People will pay for great artists. As soft as Drake is, I wouldn't hesitate to buy tickets to see A$AP and Kendrick.



             The Wu-Tang show in Anaheim last week was pretty dope. Though there were some random openers, the clan  came on and didn't disappoint. Towards the end of the show Method Man decided to dedicate a song or two to a fallen member of the Clan ODB, 'Ol Dirty Bastard. ODB passed away back in '04, and though he had a few run ins with the law, his music still has a large presence today. His album ' Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version' is stacked with hard hitting instrumentals unique to the clan. If you have a few minutes I would suggest giving the album a listen even if you already have.

                                                                                      (ODB & Method Man)

ODB - Hippa to da hoppa

Aviv City.

I have neglected my wednesday spot for a while, so just to start making up for it, a tape that is takin me to saturday on a sunday.

Cities Aviv - Digital Lows.

"Birds eye over cloud 9"

Coastin EP is also too sick:

Now that Tumblr has been mentioned, heres mine:

NineteenNyne-D Tumblr

I still love H.E.R.

In 2006 with the release of "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift" came the Teriyaki Boyz with their movie titled song "Tokyo Drift". Many took them as a joke because the song is, for my lack of vocabulary, poop. In 2007, they released a single called "I Still Love H.E.R." with production by Kanye West. This song, more serious, is actually an ode to hip hop. Though most of it is in Japanese (which I don't understand), there are parts in English that are song titles of older hip hop tracks. The song name itself is a refernce to Common's "I Used to Love H.E.R.", but the H.E.R is a pun in Japanese where the H stands for honto (本当), E stands for ii (いい) (the i in Japanese is pronounced like the English E), and R stands for rap. Other references I have found are:
Nas - Memory Lane
Biz Markie - Just a Friend
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - T.R.O.Y.
Ahmad - Back In The Day
Naughty By Nature - OPP
Puff Daddy - It's All About the Benjamins
The Pharcyde - Passin' Me By

There are probably more, but that's all I've noticed. Check out the video and see if you can hear any. (Sorry, seems I can't embed the video.)

Old School Kanye and Phenom

S.O.P.A. Gone?

If you've been against the whole S.O.P.A. bill, you can breathe a sigh of relief. It is being reported by Darrel Issa, a House of Representative member, that the bill will not be taken to vote as intended by House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor. If you don't know what S.O.P.A. (Stop Online Piracy Act) is about, it's essentially a piracy bill that would hugely censor the Internet, such as on Youtube, Flickr, Vimeo, Twitter, and basically another social media outlet you can think of.

But the internet has spoken!

Massive internet protests were huge in retaining the attention of the House of Reps. Relentless tweets of #stopsopa and #blackout were trending on Twitter. Many Youtube Partners heavily vocalized their opposition to the bill, such as news analyst Philip De Franco, who is followed by a loyal audience of more than 2 million subscribers. And some websites, have blacked out, meaning for a substantial period of time their website were unavailable. A much larger blackout is planned for January 18th, as prominent websites such as Wikipedia, Mozilla, and Reddit plan to blackout for a 12 hour span.

Will the blackout still occur?

It depends. Has S.O.P.A. been definitely dismissed or has just it been shelved for now? What happens with P.I.P.A. (Protect IP Act), the equally evil version of the bill, over at the House of Senate?

With all that said, perhaps we don't need either. Nielsen SoundScan reported that for the first time since 2004, total album sales has increased from 326.2 million sales to 330.6 million sales. And not surprisingly, digital sales surpassed physical sales. Digital sales accounted for 50.3% of all album sales and increased a cool 8.4% from 2010.

Album sales will never be what they once were. But if S.O.P.A. and/or P.I.P.A. were to prevail, you can likely kiss 2011's margin of increase goodbye, as the online outlets that the government would be blocking (Twitter, Youtube) are the same outlets that artists use to promote themselves and their music.

(Check out the cool info graphic to see the rise of digital music from 2007-2009)

Here We Go

Sorry it's late. Common comes back after Drake's "Stay Schemin" diss, let's see who lasts the whole ten rounds.

Hennessy Beach

Hennessy is a very famous drink quoted in rap lyric. Even Kaws, a world famous artist, did work for Hennessy. In light of Dom Kennedy and Curren$y's performance tomorrow Jan 13 in Pomona, this track is featured for its dedication to the cognac.

Cuban Linx

In light of the upcoming Wu show next week, thought I'd post a few songs of which the crew members took part in, but arent necessarily popular.

Always putting out the hits, Raekwon's Only Built Four Cuban Linx is quite the collection of tracks, featuring a good amount of the others including m-e-t-h-o-d man.

Raekwon - Ice Water

Raekwon & Method Man - Ice Cream 

Last but not least, 

Raekwon ft Ghost Face - Heaven & Hell 

The Untouchable Maybach Empire

While we wait for Rozay's God Forgives, I Don't,
he blesses us with the mixtape Rich Forever. Make sure to download that.

Download here.

Massage Situation

        I'm sure some of you have watched adult swim on cartoon network from time to time even if it was just for a few seconds flipping through the channels but it seems to me that the music they play during their little infomercials is on point. Aside from a few dilla songs and songs I cannot distinguish or even grab my phone fast enough to shazzam it (since the little infomercials are like 5 seconds long) I've heard some stuff from a dude based right here in LA. Flying Lotus, or Steven Ellison experiments with a few genres but mostly wraps his music around hip-hop. Most of the stuff I've listen to from him I'd categorize it as a type of experimental instrumentals something like Nosaj Thing with a bit more umf (if that's a word). If you have a few seconds, or possibly minutes I'd give his youtubes a peep, especially if your interested in listening to something different. 

Flying Lotus - Massage Situation ( Personal Favorite/ Featured on Adult Swim)

Happy 2012 Errybody 

Rocky Rivera: Pop Killer

["Married to the Hustle: Engaged in the Struggle"]

Hailing from San Francisco, Ca, Rocky Rivera has definitely been making an impact on not only the Hip Hop community, but the Asian-American community as well.

Taken from a Biography she posted on her Fan page:
"Rocky Rivera is a Hip-Hop journalist by day, MC by night, who found international acclaim by winning a Contributing Editor position on MTV's docu-series "I'm From Rolling Stone" in 2007. After lacking inspiration in the literary world, she decided to finally pursue Hip-Hop as a participant, not only as an observer, and began to fill the void with thought-provoking music that you can dance to. A dynamic perfomer who’s shared the stage with artists such as Zion-I, Blue Scholars, and Pacific Division, her all-lady crew consisting of DJ Roza and emcee Irie Eyez display a daringly different side of Hip Hop you have to experience to believe. Noted music critic Jeff Chang, author of Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: A History of the Hip Hop Generation writes “My whole career has been about getting people to hear the stories that need to be heard, and I think her story really needs to be heard.”

Her debut album, “Rocky Rivera” is available NOW on iTunes, CD Baby and Amoeba SF & LA.

Download her latest project, "Pop Killer", at!

Her debut album, “Rocky Rivera” is available NOW on iTunes, CD Baby and Amoeba SF & LA. 
Download her latest project, "Pop Killer", at!"

If you're interested in finding out more about Rocky, check out her site below!