Elroy of Axum

Yo here's something smooth for all y'all out there. A brand new song by an emerging artist that goes by the name Elroy of Axum. Though its not Hip Hop, its influenced. In short, Elroy describes himself as "a non traditional Hip Hop producer/Soul/Rock/Blues/Whatever the fuck else I'm feelin." I'm diggin this cats style, you remember I posted another one of his songs on the Artists of the Week: UC Irvine Hip Hop posts. Give the song a listen. Fans of real instruments should appreciate this, and the vocals are on point too.

The Day

Elroy Of Axum(producer/guitar/mpk/song writer) & Ricardo Sparks(singer)
Featuring Venus Green(background vocals), Phil Harris(background vocals/chorus bass), J.Riff(chorus solo guitar), and Colby Abbot(saxaphone)

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