Perth Represent!

In the city of Perth (look at the picture), population of about 1.47 million people, including me since I had to do the census when I studied abroad there last semester. With that many people you'd think that you would be able to find at least 10 people at a University to form a club around Hip Hop, but you can't. I'm not saying that Perth hates hip hop, just the University that I went to. But I digress, Perth holds many rap oriented concerts, with rap battles every month (but a ridiculous entrance fee), concerts from local rappers, concerts with rappers from America about every two months (still regret missing Wu Tang), and big all day concert events every so often. I personally only met a handful of people that openly listened to hip hop. One guy told me it was due to it being only a fad in Perth and it's not something you can club to, which made perfect sense.

Anyways, I honestly can't listen to Australian rap. I can't get over the accent. It's like how I don't like listening to Eminem because I don't like his v Don't get me wrong though, he kills it on the mic, but given the choice I don't listen to him. But I will still present to you guys, Australian Battle Rap. I mean, making fun of people is universal right? Actually, that's wrong. I can only understand so much when they start busting out British / Australian slang. You'll see what I mean when you peep the video down on the bottom.

If you want to check out more hip hop from Perth check out


Anonymous said...

hey dude, i am a rapper from perth hills, and one of the best in the country. i agree with you, aussie hip hop sounds wack. i am a rapper and not hip-hopper and i rap unique and not about fish&chips shops either.
dr mac

Anonymous said...

sorry, not i'm knocking hip-hop culture in any way.
dr mac

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