Knots Uncooked

Nottz Raw (bad title pun, got it), to me, seems to be an underrated producer. I have never heard anyone around me talk about him or mention him, but I think he deserves some recognition. I mean, he has been in the music scene since the late 90's. He has produced for many rappers: Busta, Snoop, G-Unit peoples, The Game, the Cons, and Murs just to name a few. Maybe it's just me who doesn't give him enough credit but I finally got to listen to his 2010 album, You Need This Music, in its entirety and I have to say the production is on point. It gives me what I love most, SOUL BEATS. He's not the greatest rapper, and I don't expect him to be, but I like it. Pretty much every song has a feature and you can even find some beats that are reminiscent of Jay Dilla (I Still Love You is the same sample as Dilla's U-Love). If you listen to his lyrics he actually mentions Dilla a lot, so there's an obvious connection (they knew each other) and respect for him. Anyways, enough of my rant, here are a couple of track I like from the album.

This is actually the original version, if you listen to the album version the lyrics are a bit different.

He also released an EP with Asher Roth called Rawth for free. Google it and give it a listen. Nottz's "You Need This Music" is available for stream on spotify if you guys want to give it a listen.


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