DMC, and I Ain't Running

DMC World DJ Championships is a world DJing competition (like the name didn't give it away) that started in 1985. DMC stands for Disco Mix Club, which was the original event organizers. Long sponsored by Technics, the winners would win a pair of golden 1200s and the SH-EX mixer. Around the end of 2010, Technics stopped producing turntables, so Rane / Serato took over as the main sponsor and allowed the use of serato for the competitions, which was until then purely analog and vinyl only. With the change of sponsors and end production of Technics turntables (which is why they are a lot more expensive new now), Rane gives the winner a cash prize and a golden Rane mixer. So who has participated in these competitions up until now? Dj Q-Bert along with MixMaster Mike has won twice (1992,93), DJ Cash Money has won once(1988), and DJ Craze has won a consecutive 3 times (98-00). DJ Craze has set the record for 3 wins and no one has beat it in the World DJ Champion division. As I forgot to mention, but should be apparent from the listed DJ's, DMC isn't much of a mixing competition, but more of a scratching / making weird noises competition. It didn't start so, but it ended as so. If you want a better history visit the DMC Site.

My favorite routine is from DJ Kentaro (02 Champ):

Here's DJ Craze's first win (98):


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