Mac Miller + Online Cult = Success

Mac Miller sold an impressive 144,5000 copies of his less than impressive debut album "Blue Side Park". How?

By using the powers of the interwebz.

Social media was a driving factor in Mac Miller's success. It helped him become the first independently distributed artist to become #1 on the Billboard Charts since Snoop Dogg made his debut some 15 years ago.

He has 1.2 million followers on Twitter , 1.5 million likes on Facebook, and a cool 192,718,904 upload views on Youtube. Add that to a determined fan base who relentlessly post on forums and you've got quite a bit of buzz going.

Now could it be that he got lucky and picked a week where he didn't face any competition?
It's possible but not likely. Wale sold 166,000 copies with 42% of them being digital while J. Cole sold 217,000 copies with 43% of them being digital. Mac Miller sold 144,500 copies with 76% of purchases being digital.

Mac Miller has been creating buzz for quite a bit of time and it has finally paid off. It goes to show, it's not how big your record label is, it's how good your marketing team is.


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