It is pretty rare to find well-respected/legitimate producers or artists in the Hip Hop and R&B industries who have not been inspired by or sampled songs released by the Isley Brothers. The songs to follow have been sampled off the quiet storm funk song Between the Sheets, which the American R&B/soul/funk band released nearly 3 decades ago in 1983. Although there are more songs that have sampled off of Between the Sheets (and almost all of the other songs released by the Isley Brothers), I limited the list to the few songs that I grew up with and knew other people would definitely appreciate, that specifically targeted this song. There's history to most of your favorite Hip Hop songs out there, so if you're ever curious about whether or not the music you were listening to was something you've heard before, or if it just sounds familiar, never hesitate to look into it, because you never know where its roots may take you back to. So here's to the Longevity of Hip Hop (btw, if you didn't catch that reference, Longevity was another song released by the band) and love of music; may it continue to inspire and allow the gifted few to create and recreate amazing music for years to come.

1991: A Tribe Called Quest

1992: Common

1994: Aaliyah

1994: Keith Murray

1995: Notorious B.I.G.

2002: Whitney Houston

2006: Tupac ft. Andrew 3000, Snoop Dogg, & Ron Isley

2007: Jay Z

2009: Drake
2011: Mac Miller


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