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In high school I’m sure everyone had three types of friends that could rap. The first one just straight out sucks and needs some serious help. The second one is pretty decent, but doesn’t want to take their skills seriously. And the third one has serious talent and you know they’re going somewhere in life. A.N.T Smith falls into this third category. A.N.T aka Young T-tha is a rapper out of the bay area.

Recently joining RKA (Rich Kid Academy), A.N.T has been coming up. If you guys haven’t checked him out yet, you can catch him on the last verse of the joint “Money All Day” produced by DJ Cook. The video is shown below.

Look out for his upcoming mixtape “All About A Dolla” coming soon.

If you guys liked that beat, you have to check out DJ Cook. T-tha and Cook have been in the studio lately and are cooking up something special (no pun intended). I’m not just promoting these artists because they are from my hometown, but I strongly believe they have legitimate talent. So join the movement and follow them at the following links.


Twitter: @macinassttha



Twitter: @djcook510



Anonymous said...

dope blog murugan. lovin' the support for hometown artists, and cheers to hip-hop all day.

- cao

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