In The Bomb Shelter

Aside from the world of hip hop, many producers these days like to experiment with stuff different from what they usual do. Being no exception to this tendency, Madlib (a bit of an underground producer) gave reggae a shot with his release of the "Blunted in a bomb shelter"
I first heard of the mix-tape through one of my friends who happened to see it listed on amazon as an album neither of us had. Being the Madlib fan that he was he bought the album without hesitation knowing nothing of the music that was on it nor if it was worthwhile or not. As we would soon find out, the mix-tape provided us with hours of reggae madness without interruption, and it soon became my favorite one.
Blending tracks from Lee Perry to Gregory Isaacs this mix-tape does a good job at exposing the listener to a wide variety of reggae music with pretty sick transitions in the middle. As with other Madlib tapes the tracks are cut and presented only in a way that Madlib can spin but I think this only adds to the effect.

(Track 3 - Jungle Lion )

The mix-tape as a whole flows from first track to last with each track transitioning to the next rather easily. Overall I would recommend a definite check out to those interested in reggae with a twist.

(Track 20 - Sensimelia)


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