Who is Nardwuar?

And why is he the best interviewer on the web?

Nardwuar the Human Serviette, aka John Ruskin, is not your run-of-the-mill interviewer. He is known for having a exuberant yet awkward personality and also looks like a professional mini-golf player. He hails from Vancouver, Canada where he went to school for his undergraduate degree in history and currently has a weekly show at WFMU.

His interviewing style is intriguingly unlike any other field reporter. He composes massive research on his future interviewee and uses this insightful information to connect past experiences to present characteristics.

Often Nardwuar will present multiple gifts to the interviewee, not to suck up or anything, but to help the interviewee recollect important and influential moments. These gifts are often musical related gifts such as records, tapes, posters, etc. Often the interviewee will accept the gift and gladly spill insight into his/her past that no other interviewer could ever extract.

The majority of interviewees love Nardwuar because of his quirky personality and his accurate research. Some find it odd how he knows so much about the interviewee (Tyler the Creator thinks Nardwuar is with the Feds). Sometimes, Nardwuar can annoy and offend people such as Kid Cudi and Slipknot, but more often than not, the interviewee leaves in smiles and with a bunch of gifts.

Check out a couple interviews with Tyler the Creator and Casey Veggies and decide for yourself:


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Nardwuar is a G!!!!

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