Chuuwee - Artist of the Week

My artist of the week (and current favorite rapper) is Chuuwee (pronounced "chewy") hailing live from the city of trees aka the 9-16 Sacramento, California. Pretty much all I have been listening too lately. The first time I heard "French Inhale" I was hooked and now I can't stop listening to him (no homo). Chuuwee is an emerging star coming out the West and he's been getting massive coverage by blogs all over the net. With a "straight up style" and impressive display of lyricism, his combination of crazy sampled beats and witty lyrics combine to create clever stories reflecting the 90s era in which he was raised. His music is honest and easy to relate to. He's confident, yet not too braggadocious, and you can tell he's hungry to make it. I would highly recommend checking out his EP "Be Cool" and his mixtape produced entirely by Cook-n-Soul "The Date Tape." Be on the look out for Chuuwee's next project titled "Watching the Throne" which is set to be released in November 2011.


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