October's Very Own

From having trust issues to making headlines, Drake’s comeback since Thank Me Later is crazier than ever. Many people may dislike Drake, calling him a fake, because he raps about certain things, but says the opposite in his interviews. I don’t believe this makes him a fake, because when you think about it us students are the same way. We like talking about smoking weed and lean to our friends, but you’re not going to say that to your parents or announce it to the world. Drake’s listeners are his friends in that same sense. He keeps his music personal and current, so listener’s can relate to him. I mean let’s be real how many of you thought about an ex after hearing Marvin’s Room or started yelling out “I’m on one!” when your drunk?

In my opinion Drake is one of the most original rappers out there. While most rappers out there are opening up their lamborghini doors, Drake opens up the Toronto Roger's Stadium in the Headlines video above. And for those of you that missed it here's the video of Drake performing on SNL last week.

Happy Birthday Drake and take care everybody.


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