Massage Situation

        I'm sure some of you have watched adult swim on cartoon network from time to time even if it was just for a few seconds flipping through the channels but it seems to me that the music they play during their little infomercials is on point. Aside from a few dilla songs and songs I cannot distinguish or even grab my phone fast enough to shazzam it (since the little infomercials are like 5 seconds long) I've heard some stuff from a dude based right here in LA. Flying Lotus, or Steven Ellison experiments with a few genres but mostly wraps his music around hip-hop. Most of the stuff I've listen to from him I'd categorize it as a type of experimental instrumentals something like Nosaj Thing with a bit more umf (if that's a word). If you have a few seconds, or possibly minutes I'd give his youtubes a peep, especially if your interested in listening to something different. 

Flying Lotus - Massage Situation ( Personal Favorite/ Featured on Adult Swim)

Happy 2012 Errybody 


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