Dilla Donuts

A quick post as finals week approaches, but if you guys have not heard HHC will be doing a krispy kreme donut sale this week to celebrate the winter season. Oh and to fund raise of course.

Seeing that we are going to be selling donuts I thought it would be appropriate to share an album titled just that, Donuts. J dilla (James Yancey), or dilla as some called him composed this album over an extended period of time during which he was in and out of hospitals suffering from a rare blood disease. Though James was forced to a wheel chair towards the end of his life he never stopped working on his music. It is believed that some of the editing that James did for donuts was done in the hospital. Dilla remains a hip-hop icon to this day and after listening to the album its easy to see why. His unique combination of samples and instrumentals captivated his listeners for many years and are even attracting new ones to this day. I leave you with probably my favorite song of the album. If you have a chance to check the album out in its entirety I strongly recommend it.

J Dilla- Time: The Donuts of the Heart.


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