The Weak Become Heroes

I think one of the biggest misconceptions in hip-hops recent history is the lack of representation the listener has with the artists. Most of the time we cannot relate to them. Being in the hip-hop industry nowadays is no more then an excuse to talk about how you are in the industry, living off it, until the industry decides you're dead.

Leaving aside the usual commentary on how hip-hop changed, I think in a way we all seem weak when we listen to music about a person telling us how he lives better then us, when funny enough he lives like that because of us, because we buy his music & go to his concerts. Being a rapper seems to be a whole other level, they all want to be kings. That is when heroes like Mike Skinner (a.k.a. The Streets) step in the picture, because he is one of us. He doesnt talk about how women attack him wherever he goes, hes on the same lonely boat as us tryna figure out how to get the fit girl in the corner to not walk away...

A taker more than a seller

I know a lot of people will only see out of tune singing, senseless rapping and badly mixed/off beat instrumentals in his music, but i think Mike Skinner is a creative genius who can (and will if you listen closely enough) make any one of those small, unglamorous, drunk, insignificant moments that we all share but dont speak on, seem like a perfect topic to sing along to.

From garage, to 2-step, to grime, to funk, he covers everything with his characteristic yet normal and average joe english voice

Like wine, the old stuff is better...

To many of us in Europe (and many in the US im sure) he seems like one of those artists that simply weaves in and out of genres collecting fans along the way, who has an undeniable talent in pointing out the little things in life and giving them value, something so lost nowadays which i think is the reason for which you cant help but be curious and eventually enter 'stan' mode, no matter what you listen to or what subculture you belong to.

Im interested in seeing what usual hip-hop listeners in the US think of him and what would they classify him as. Especially after artists like Lil B are so upfront in the game for being so 'different' when Mike Skinner was doing what he does, a lot better and 10 years ago. Just in case you thought the swag element was fully out the picture...gotta love that sweater


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