The Motion of the Ocean

Nostalgia, Ultra by Frank Ocean has been on repeat on my playlist for a while now. Not only because I will be seeing him live next week, but his music relates to certain parts of my life right now.

Many listeners believe that Ocean doesn’t deserve the recognition he’s getting currently. The dude has only put out two mixtapes and is already featured on an album with Kanye and Jay-Z. My response to these listeners would be to go and suck a fat d**ck! I mean seriously, I haven’t heard any other newer artist that has better melodies than Frank Ocean. And for those of you who didn’t know, Ocean has written songs for artists like Beyonce, John Legend, and Justin Bieber. The below video is a song Ocean wrote for Beyonce called “I miss you”, and if you don’t think those lyrics are simply beautiful, there must be something wrong with you.

Not only are his songs good, but his videos are on point as well. They’re not your usual booty shaking videos (although I’m definitely not against booty shaking videos, so don’t get it twisted) but they actually are mentally stimulating. I’m not going to lecture all you readers on the meaning behind the song “Swim Good”, but for those interested you can look into it at the following link.

For those who missed the “Thinking About You” video you can check it out below, and see how more videos should have some sort of plot like this one.

If anybody opposes to my opinion, feel free to comment.


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