The Graf Is Back

So if anyone missed it, HHC recently had a sort of collab event with Ambience in the park as a way to expose people on campus to another side of hip hop. After stretching a 20 foot piece of butcher paper across two trees in the park, and after managing to somehow tape it to said trees, the canvas was ready.

The overall atmosphere was rather relaxed and it was easy to see that everyone was enjoying themselves from the moment they arrived. After learning a bit about tagging from a few guys who have been doing it for a while, everyone was able to try it out.

Turned out that one of the guys was a painter who painted a pretty sick tree.

Overall I would say the event was a success. We accomplished what we set out to do, and im sure we will only make it larger and more successful in the future. Everyone came, sprayed some stuff and had a good time. That's what she said.


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