Why I dislike Lil' Wayne

I try not to judge people, and let them appreciate the music they like. But this is why I dislike Lil Wayne. Firstly, I don't even think he's that bad. He has some clever lines, and great delivery (even with his annoying voice) But why is he at the top of the hip hop list? There are thousands of artists better (or at least as good) as him. What makes him so special? So when the only hip hop artist you hear on the radio is Lil Wayne, it does get quite frustrating when there is so much other talent the world needs to learn about. In fact, I don't think my anger should be directed toward Lil Wayne, as much as the mainstream media. When I argue with a Weezy fan, the question I get in response is 'Name me some better artists'. I respond back in alphabetical order with 'Aceyalone, Andre Nickatina, Atmosphere, Binary Star....'. The response back? "Uh, I've never heard of them". EXACTLY. And that's why I joined Hip Hop Congress, to show as many people I can what good hip hop is.


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