When US Money Does The Talking & Europe Listens

Sunday night. Listening to Drake's sophomore album 'Take Care', hoping to find something that makes me feel the way I did when I first heard the four tracks that kicked off 'So Far Gone'. Funny enough, I was getting close to that, much more than what I ever did with 'Thank Me Later', but then track no. 5 comes on.

The initial spacey sounds remind me of one of the songs I'd been hearing all summer whenever it came to that hungover moment of winding down at the beach. The featured Rihanna starts singing over a piano melody and just as I feared, it is literally the same song.
Jamie xx (from UK indie band The xx) produced an album in 2010 with no other than the legend Gill Scott-Heron. A GREAT album too ('We're New Here' is the name), mixing Scott-Heron's deep voice with just as deep bass and creepy yet beautiful melodies.
I think you see where this is going, Ill let you listen to the two and judge for yourself:

Jamie xx did assist in the production of Drake's version of his track, I dont blame him for the amount of money he must have got, however I cant help but think he let a great song of his get ruined and downgraded by the industry. Especially by the genre that I love the most.
Dont get me wrong, I love the fact that hip-hop producers are fishing out of America for material to sample, I dont blame them with the quality that you can find.
Its flattering and a sign that Europe is doing their own thing in the right way. I just hate the fact that millions of people that listen to that song simply because it has Drake and Rihanna written all over it, will never really know about Jamie xx or Gill Scott and worst of all, will most probably think THEY copied it off Drake and Rihanna.
I guess its what my parents felt when I was 12 and used to listen to those Marvin Gaye sampled hip-hop tracks in my room, not knowing who Marvin Gaye was and they walked out saying 'this is older than what you think'. That is the difference though, back then there was a 20 year separation. With internet and segregated audiences the sampling has jumped and is actually contemporary, only separated by physical distance.

I even thought of sampling French electro group Cassius and their 'I Love U So' when I first heard it 2 years ago, any hip-hop head looking for something new would. But the prize goes to whoever makes it happen first and Watch The Throne were there to collect it:

They actually did it twice, UK dubstep producer Flux Pavilion got a juicy cheque ('check' in the US) for letting them use/water down his banging 'I Cant Stop'

Dont think its all recent, in 2007 Wale's career got the kickstart when he sampled French group Justice (who actually signed the previously mentioned Cassius to their Ed Banger label) and kinda copied the video too...

Im not going to fall into saying which ones are better (although Drake & Rihanna should have kept the fuck away - my opinion), or whether it is right to do this or not, as I believe a great way to develop creativity is by improving a previous product, all I wish is that people actually knew who deserved most of the recognition they misplace.
This also makes me wonder why such talented artists like Drake & Rihanna need to reach out to the other side of the globe for something that has already been made, knowing the great majority of their audience wont know the original and recycle it to then call it entirely theirs and give Jamie xx a small mention in the album credits...why not make something just as good or better that belongs entirely to them??
Its easier I guess, and they know money does the talking.
Speaking of money talking and as a final note, want to know where Eminems upcoming single was 'inspired'?? UK grime rapper Skepta uploaded his single in July to then have it removed off the net a day later without him even knowing because Jimmy Iovine & Interscope thought it would suit Em better...read it all HERE.


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