Thizz In Peace

Two nights ago, Drake dropped "The Motto" live on Power 106. It's a bonus track off his new album Take Care that is set to drop in two weeks. It features his boss, Lil Wayne and has CLUB BANGER written all over it. I know what your thinking(...*cool story bro...). But, in the songs opening verse Drake proclaims "I'm in the buildin' and I'm feelin' myself/Rest in peace Mac Dre I'ma do it for the Bay". This is of course a reference to the Westcoast Hip-Hop legend himself, Andre Hicks, aka Mac Dre. Random? Well...not really, as the track premiered on the 7th anniversary of Dre's death. Now, being from the Bay this just wan't no ordinary line. Sure, it's commonplace for rappers to pay homage to Hip-Hop legends that have passed, but it isn't everyday you hear a Mac Dre reference on mainstream radio. Especially from someone who isn't from the Bay, or the westcoast, or the south...but from Toronto.

"The Motto" ft. Lil Wayane--Mac Dre reference at 0.46

"Feelin' Myself"-Mac Dre

Now, there are some Mac Dre die hards that might not take to Drake's reference so favorably. Mac Dre die hards may question Drake's actual knowledge of the impact Mac had on not only Bay Area/Westcoast sound, but hip-hop culture as a whole. They might question whether or not he truly fucks with not just Hicks' undeniable impact, but his actual music. Does he actually have "Neva Seen" on his ipod??? And I get it, he's OUR guy. He's the guy who put the Bay on the map. He was hyphy before "Tell Me When to Go". He wore vans before "Vans". But, the thing people have to understand, his impact reached much farther than the confines of the Westcoast. When someone like Drake makes a reference like that, you know how many kids are googling Mac Dre the next day? It's an opportunity for his legend to grow and to gain the mass recognition he was so close to achieving before his death. As a Bay boy, I look forward to the day where the love and admiration for Hick's music and impact mirrors movements like that of Pimp C in the south.

I know a lot of people aren't familiar with his music, so here are some of my favorites. And if you are familiar, go head and vibe to it

"Neva Seva"

"Andre N Andre" ft. Andre Nickatina

How fly was this nigga?!?!


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