"I'm going to be real, my following is small. For it to be this small, I get a lot of love. I'm kind of afraid for when it gets big because that's when everybody who used to love you is going to hate you. It is what it is."

The quote above from an interview with Complex Magazine is a clear example of how artists know the risk of getting signed to a label gets them closer to losing old fans and being called a sell-out. This can be somewhat true of how Wiz Khalifa became a sell out with his album Rolling Papers (If people want to argue, compare Black&Yellow to Kush and Orange Juice and POTC tracks) . But why would such a good thing sell out? Being on Drake's upcoming tour hurting his image? Would you consider ASAP Rocky a one hit wonder like Kreayshawn? I'm here to let you think otherwise.

ASAP Rocky is blowing up and you all shouldn't sleep. After his release of the music video "Peso", his following rose and people started to spread the word of that "pretty motherfucker". But what is ASAP Rocky and his whole ASAP Mob about? That trill movement. ASAP, which stands for Always strive and prosper, relates to why Rocky and his crew live that purple life. Trill, a word created by Bun B and the late Pimp C of U.G.K. is a combination of the word true and real. This whole trill movement was popular in the South, mostly in Houston. The 2 most popular things about the trill movement are the following:

  1. Purple drank
  2. Chopped and Screwed

Asap Rocky's "Purple Swag" is pretty much an ode to U.G.K. and maybe even Slim Thug, Mike Jones (snippet of his voice in the song), and Three Six Mafia. Asap Rocky's music epitomizes Houston's chopped and screwed sound with his many references to mixing that codeine and 'methazine syrup with some Sprite and jolly ranchers on the bottom (don't ask me how I know).
Being from Harlem, his swag is that of Dipset mixed with a little Max B and Bone Thugz N Harmony flow, and of course that Houston Chopped & Screwed vocals. His fashion sense and knowledge is amazing, with his many references to Margiela, Alexander Wang, Bathing Ape, Nudies, Jeremy Scott Adidas, and other brands he is seen wearing. In all his work and appearances, he is seen rocking the brand Blvck Scvle, with owner Mega already dropping a new line in honor of ASAP. While his fashion is on point, his new mixtape is as well.
The title of his very anticipated mixtape above (click link to download) is straight fire. I wish someone like Ghost Face Killah reviewed this shit on his blog cause I know he would agree. (Check out GhostFace's trill ass music blog here) Every track on here I could listen to for days. The production is amazing as well. The tracklist follows:
  1. Palace (Prod. by Clams Casino) - This is the right way to start off the tape. It has that "Watch the Throne" swag on the beat for real. I mean, just focus on the beat for a bit, and you would be like damn, some King Louis the XIII Versailles Gladiator 'bout to go down shit. Then you understand why ASAP Rocky was probably like, we should name this shit Palace. Then the track just introduces who ASAP is and how this trill shit not from Houston but Harlem will make the world feel it his movement.
  2. Peso (Prod. by ASAP Ty Beats)- Do I even have to talk about this track? This is the track that boosted Rocky to new heights. The visuals just killed it as well with so much swag. That Blvck Scvle everything, Supreme, Y3, Jeremy Scott Adidas, wtf. The line "Raf Simmons, Rick Owens usually what I'm dressed in" definitely shows Rocky knows his clothing. Then of course the song is about how he is always about getting those Pesos (money).
  3. Bass (Prod. by Clams Casino)- The beginning of the song I recognized was from a video on World Star Hip Hop, pretty funny (link here). This is another amazing beat by Clams Casino. This song goes hard as fuck, maybe the second hardest song next to Brand New Guy. This song is Rocky turning from that "pretty motherfucker" into that Biggie after that Tupac beef music. He kills it.
  4. Wassup (Prod. by Clams Casino) - This song is just a good song to vibe too. Its that type of song when you're driving home drunk with your friends from a party and someone plays this shit on the ipod and everyone just bops their head and looks at each other and says, "Wassup!?"
  5. Brand New Guy (Feat. Schoolboy Q) - Hardest track on the tape with Q featured, damn! Talking bout new 9mm's, takin' yo bitch, and don't fuck with us cause we the new hip-hop.
  6. Purple Swag Chapter 2 (Feat. SpaceGhostPurrp & ASAP Nast) - For all of you who don't know who SpaceGhostPurrp, SGP, is, he is purpler than Rocky can be. SGP's music is all self-produced and represents that Memphis Three Six Mafia type of shit. (Peep that shit here) Asap Rocky's flow begins to sound like that of Bizzy & Krayzie Bone of BTNH.
  7. Get Lit (Prod. by SouFein3000) - This song epitomizes Bone Thugs and Harmony flow with some of that Chopped and Screwed feel. Good song to listen to when you're slizzard!
  8. Trilla (Prod. by Beautiful Lou) - This the type of shit you feel when you at a function with some Old English 40's and some bad broads. Very trill track with that Houston, Memphis, and Mid-west type shit.
  9. Keep it G (Prod. by Spaceghostpurrp) - This very trill track produced and featured Spaceghost is a trippy ass song. Good song to sesh to.
  10. Kissin' Pink (Prod. by Beautiful Lou) - What you think the title means? Haha yeah, this song is an ode to get that girl across the room.
  11. Houston Old Head (Prod. by DJ Burn One) - Personally my favorite for the underlying meaning behind the lyrics. Rocky talks about meeting with someone he looks up to who gives him advice about life.
  12. Acid Drip (Prod. by SouFein3000) - Good visuals can come out of this song, like a commercial or a model doing some fly shit. Trippy song forreal.
  13. Leaf/Take 1 (Prod. by Clams Casino ft. Main Attrakionz) - Asap Rocky is sick of all the bullshit in life, so he asks his homies to know that feel and sip some lean with him.
  14. Roll One Up (Prod. by DJ Burn One) - Oh yeah, ASAP Rocky likes to smoke too. Roll one up for the big homie.
  15. Demons (Prod. by Clams Casino) - A conscious track where Rocky thinks about life and hopes he doesn't fall to the vices of the world and fail in life.
  16. Out of This World (Prod. by The Olympicks) - Very feel good, ASAP knows how to work the mic. A lot of name dropping but can still fuck with.


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