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Although unrelated to Hip-Hop, I still thought I would post some quick thoughts about a huge pet peeve of mine here at UC Irvine. Since day one of welcome week my freshman year, all I heard was "Irvine is so boring". Being a 4th year now, I've realized how much this school has to offer and it frustrates me to see other students complain about not having shit to do. Especially when they don't break out of their shell and take initiative themselves to see what they can do. From numerous dance teams to the greek system to political organizations, there is literally hundreds and hundreds of organizations to choose from. I can almost guarantee there is something on campus for every single person here at UCI.

Even worse is the school spirit here. Us students act like it's Irvine's fault, but I've come to realization that us, the students, are the problem. This sudden realization came from the fact that the Irvine soccer team is 8th in the nation, has a 2nd round bye in the NCAA tournament, and unfortunately it seems that 90% of the student body probably don't even know that. Why should this school do anything for us, when we don't reciprocate anything back to them (besides a lot of money)

Relating this to Hip-Hop, I know a lot of people were very disappointed with Shocktoberfest. Most people complaining were the one's sitting behind their computers doing nothing about it. Why not go out, join ASUCI and make an impact for the better? So before you ask yourself questions like "why is there never anything to do at UCI", "Why does SD get Drake and not Irvine?", maybe you should ask yourself if you've done anything to try and help change that.

If you want your time here at UCI to be worthwhile, make it worthwhile yourself. zot zot


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