Different Levels

I kn0w I'm kind of late but Immortal Technique's newest edition is in. I actually am just listening to the album as I'm typing so if it's wack and you guys want to kill me for wasting your time then don't, blame the internet for forcing people to put up free stuff.

Here's the link to the website http://viperrecords.com/ go get that ish.

In completely other news which is also late actor/comedian/rapper Donald Glover just released his first album titled "Camp". For the most part it's actually a lot better than I expected it to be. He starts off the album pretty strong with the song Outside. The song pretty expresses the "outsider" standpoint as the song begins addressing his take on the stereotypical black family, how he was perceived by family and friends, and his movement from low to middle class. The rest of the album takes turns with slower songs like "Heartbeat" wear Glover talks about a past relationship to the up tempo punchline filled track "Bonfire". Do I recommend a listen? Yes. Do I recommend listening to it after The Martyr? No. But still give the two a listen and tell me what you think.


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