Top 5 Artists of the week

As a biology major, I don't know how to write at all,

so I'll stick to posting my top 5 artists that I'm listening to this week. In no
way am I proclaiming that these are the best rappers/singers, but instead am just introducing who I've been bumping on my Zune right now, hoping to show some new music

5. Bonobo -- Not classified as hip-hop, but Bonobo is one of my favorites right now, especially for studying. He's a British producer and DJ, who has some of the most elegant, yet simple beats I've ever heard. It does have that hip hop vibe and I think many hip hop heads can appreciate it, especially those who favor instrumentals. Favorite song - Recurring

4. The Dean's List -- Although not as lyrically talented as most 'underground listeners' would want, I can't get enough of the beats they spit on. From the east coast, they are not well known in SoCal, but once my friend showed me in the summer I couldn't get enough. Favorite Song - Valley Girl (Remix)

3. Kendrick Lamar -- Most of you have heard his name,
as he's being crowned as the best talent out of LA currently. If not, Favorite Song - HiiPower

2. XV -- This dude from Kansas needs to blow up already. Lyrically, I think he is underrated. Great beats & Great lyrics, what more can you want. Listen carefully to his lyrics and you'll see how clever and flawless he is with his delivery. Favorite Song - When We're Done

1. Theophilus London -- There are 2 reactions you can have to his music. Either you love it, or you will respond with 'WTF is this?' I had both reactions when I first heard his music. This dude is unique and bringing hip hop back. Unfortunately, his voice
is like Cudi's, so he will always be compared to him, even thou
gh he isn't even close to the same style on any level. Favo
rite Song - Humdrum Town or Flying Overseas or I Stand Alone or Why Even Try or Wine & Chocolates (yeah, i can't fucking decide)


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