Top 5 Albums

A lot of thought should go into someone's TOP 5 Hip Hop Albums, but I feel like a lot of people will base their TOP 5 on other people's list. That includes TOP Producers and TOP Rappers. Now, I got nothing but respect for the rappers from the past, and I will not hesitate to deem an album a CLASSIC if it is. For example, Nas' "Illmatic." Yeah it's a helluva album. The story tellin' of a young black man coming out of the projects of Queensbridge, New York gives you a first row seat of how it was at that time. It's hard for me not to put it in my TOP albums. But for me, I feel like your TOP albums should be based on the music that made a difference in your up-bringing, not what others think. In reality, I give a damn what other people think. Now "Illmatic" was released in 1994, meaning it was released when I was 2-years old. I can't put it in my TOP because I was not around to experience the cultural impact it had. Say what you want, hate on my choices, but these are some of the albums that I felt led me to love and appreciate hip hop for what it is. Listed below are the name of the albums and contributing rappers plus a link to the Samples used for the album. Enjoy. <1

1. Kanye West - College Dropout (
2. Common - Be (
3. Jay-Z - Blueprint 1 (
4. Cam'ron - Come Home With Me (
5. The Game - The Documentary (
5. Lupe Fiasco - Food and Liquor (


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