Jawn of the Week

The Jawn of the Week is new program in which we, UCI Hip Hop Congress contributers, introduce to you, our loyal readers, a song old or new that we feel imperative that you, our loyal readers, listen to. This being the first Jawn, HHC feels it necessary to set it off right. So without any further ado we present......I don't know by Slum Village feat DJ Jazzy Jeff of the album Fantastic, Volume II.

If either A) You think the song is wack or B) You thought it was dope
be sure to comment. If you chose C) "I'm Unsure" then keep scrolln'; Hip Hop Congress don't mess wit moderates.....


Keane said...

Heard the song, shit is dope, but is there something wrong w/ this version?

UCI-NSBE said...

Yea, it just changed it. I thought it was my connection at first...On topic though, im really feeln that dj jazzy jeff touch. The james brown was genius/hilarious lol

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