Reigniting The Dream Through Activism

Thursday, January 21, 2010
UC Irvine, Student Center, Crystal Cove Auditorium


Honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the event entitled “Reigniting the Dream” will kick off on Thursday, January 21st, with on-stage performances from nationally-recognized artists Ise Lyfe, One Be Lo, Uncultivated Rabbits, and Ladies Room at the Crystal Cove Auditorium at 6 pm. The performances will follow with the March of Dreams and an en masse drum circle and cultural dance celebration on Ring Road at 8 pm, where all are welcome to join. On Friday, January 22nd, the celebration will continue as we “Live the Dream” at the flagpoles at noon, with various performances by dance crews and bands, as well as food sold by the traveling gourmets of Kogi Truck.

If your group includes a drumming or cultural dancing group of any kind, we are inviting your group to participate in the commencement of the drumming. And of course, everyone is welcome to bring their own preferred percussive instruments to join the celebration.

Special Performances:
ONE BE LO of Binary Star
UCSD Arts Collective
UCSB Laddies Room
UCI Uncultivated Rabbits

Facebook Event:

Ise Lyfe Live at the Paramount in Oakland,CA from Jasmene Miranda on Vimeo.

One Be Lo of Binary Star Live at Beauty Bar, Las Vegas from East of L.A. Lifestyle Group on Vimeo.


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